Join Obscura Society LA and Los Angeles Past for a time traveling scavenger hunt in Historic Downtown Los Angeles!

DATE: June 30, 2013

TIME: 03:45 PM TO 09:00 PM

COST: 12.00

WHERE: Pershing Square, Los Angeles, California, 90013

Visit Atlas Obscura for tickets and info.

Picture postcard of the Hollywood Hotel in 1940. Formerly located on the corner of Hollywood Boulevard and Highland Avenue, the building was demolished in 1956. The corner is now the site of a shopping and entertainment complex.

(Source: oac.cdlib.org)

Good coffee and tamales: The Toonerville Trolley restaurant, 1920’s. Despite it’s namesake, it was located far away from Tropico/Atwater Village, at 1635 W. Manchester Avenue.

(Source: photos.lapl.org)

Street-level view of The Tower Theater as seen from 8th and Broadway, Los Angeles, 1927.

(Source: digitallibrary.usc.edu)

"The Witch’s House" in its original location on Washington Boulevard in Culver City, 1920. Built as an office building for the Willat Studio, the structure was moved to Beverly Hills in the 1930’s. It is now a private residence.

(Source: photos.lapl.org)

A woman walks by parked cars lining the street in front of the Central Tower Building, Santa Monica, 1930’s. The Art-Deco tower was the beachfront city’s first skyscraper. It still stands at 1424 4th Street.

(Source: digitallibrary.usc.edu)

A posh trio cavorting in the Exposition Park Rose Garden, Los Angeles, 1935. From a series commissioned by Silverwoods to promote their line of straw hats.

(Source: digitallibrary.usc.edu)

Twilight traffic jam on westbound Wilshire Boulevard, 1931.

(Source: digitallibrary.usc.edu)

"Prohibition: The Best Method Against Liquor Traffic" Looking north at The Women’s Temperance Christian Union building at Temple and Broadway, 1939. The Broadway Tunnel can be seen in the background. Everything pictured here is gone (including the tunnel), demolished to make way for Civic Center expansion.

(Source: digitallibrary.usc.edu)

Echo Park in 1895: Snow-capped peaks in the distance and rolling countryside all around.

(Source: library.ca.gov)

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